Introduction to Commercial Voiceover: This week will comprise of an opening Q & A, and reading copy, which Sealie will assign. You'll be assigned copy so that Sealie  can evaluate where you are currently at as a voiceover actor. All participants will have one-on-one direction, and coaching with Sealie  during each class. You will be given assignments and copy to prepare at the end of each class for the following week.

Here are some first steps you can take to prepare for your new career as a voice actor:

  • Take an improv class at your local theater
  • Attend an acting meetup in your area (there might even be a voice actor meetup group near you!)
  • Volunteer to read to your child’s classroom
  •  voice actors and coaches in the industry no matter where you live. is a great place to ask for advice when selecting a coach. Be cautious! If a coach starts asking for lots of money upfront to record a “demo”, get out. A coach should get to know you and your voice for a while before producing a professional demo. More on demos later.
  • Volunteer to read ,
  •  start listening to other voice actors. parameters that you think match your voice. Find some demos you like and some that you don’t. Figure out what it is that makes you like or dislike a demo. Also, sort by “popular” so you can hear what clients are finding the most interesting.
  • You can also listen to voice actors /
  •  to hear longer voice over demos. Keep in mind that our clients typically listen to about 9 seconds of a demo before deciding to keep listening, hire, or move on to the next voice actor!