Get Your Voice Over Demo Produced

You can find some practice scripts in 

you can listen to some of your favorite ads online and record them yourself (just don’t try to imitate the voice actor in the ad too much).  It’s very hard to judge your own work, though, and your friends and family probably won’t be honest with you. I suggest posting your recordings in our community   to see what other voice actors think. This is a free option, and you will get honest, but constructive, professional feedback. A few things to think about:

  • Breathing – are your breaths distracting? Do you take big inhalations or exhalations? Do you sound like you are running out of breath mid-sentence?
  • Take natural pauses – Just speak at your normal conversational pace. Unless you are voicing a monster truck ad or a fast disclaimer, most clients just want a normal speaking pace.
  • Don’t fade out on the ends of your sentences – when we converse in person, we naturally fade our voices out at the end of a sentence to allow the other person a chance to talk. Don’t do this to your microphone! It will not talk back.  Maintain the same volume throughout your read.
  • Watch out for “P-popping” –  plosive sounds are created by air hitting the mic when you say sounds like the p, or even the wh sound. Speaking at an angle on the mic instead of directly in front will help. 
  • Do your warm-ups! Warm up your voice, throat and tongue before beginning a session. There’s a pretty