● On-camera specific craft training ● The Process: pre-audition, rehearsal, community performance ● Etiquette and how to adapt your craft for the four specific on-camera acting, genres: drama, single-cam and multi cam commercials In this workshop, Sealie focuses on the realities of acting in front of a camera whether it is for a film, a soap opera, a situation comedy, a commercial or a music
video. As acting for the camera is a very different from acting for the stage, it is essential that anyone wishing to pursue a career as an actor learn the how's and why's of acting for the various mediums.
Sealie West brings years of practical experience as a working actor to these workshops designed to educate students regarding realistic and usable approached to acting and the business of acting. He uses frequent performances in front of the camera for all students to help them become more comfortable and relaxed with the on-camera process. Sealie teaches his students how to get started in the business as well as finding work in all of the major markets.
Sealie's approach not only enhances the seasoned talent's performance with additional training, but also provides those with little or no acting experience in a non-threatening environment for acquiring the skills that will prepare his students for future performances in front of the camera.


In this workshop, I will make sure you know everything you need to know about commercial acting, casting, auditioning, callbacks, and booking as well as diagnose your commercial and on-camera acting skills. I will help you to identify your essence and improve your marketing, and give you on-camera acting experience with every type of commercial audition.
One: Everything you need to know about the business, getting prepped, and prepared to work. Week
Acting Diagnosis Week
Identifying your Essence Week
Commercial Audition Boot Camp
Finally, I believe in creating a safe, no-ego, and supportive learning environment where you will feel comfortable trying new things, taking risks, and making mistakes as your acting talent improves. We grow to be a family over the four weeks. In every workshop, participants leave with new friendships that will last a lifetime. Our goal at Sealie West Acting Studio is to provide talent with the guidance and resources needed to pursue professional careers in the entertainment industry. There are many wrong ways to get into the business and it is our mission to show
you the right way. We don't believe acting is a "fairy tale" career, but a very real career that when navigated correctly can be a rewarding and successful venture.
experience in the entertainment industry makes Sealie West Acting Studio the "go to place" in the Treasure Valley for aspiring actors to learn how to act in front of a camera and how to interview for acting opportunities here in Idaho.
Sealie West Acting Studio under , is highly desirable for all who wish to start an acting career. We genuinely care about our students future and go the extra mile to help advance their careers. You'll know upon a first meeting with Sealie West that this is the right place for you and you'll be certain that you are in good hands.