• Class Term: 1 Month
  • Number of Classes: 4
  • THINK LIKE A PRO. Acting business knowledge and
  • career strategy experiences with right and wrong acting training tips, and
  • documentation on how to handle any issues such as:
  • ● Stage fright anxiety
  • ● How to keep focus
  • ● Mindsets to avoid
  • ● Preparation tips on how to help deliver your best audition
  • ● How to silence your inner critic
  • ● Script reading techniques
  • ● What makes an audition for on-camera work differently?
  • ● How to nail your on-camera audition


  • What should I expect from an private lesson?
  • It doesn’t matter if your private lessons are for commercial auditions, movie auditions or to help you get into the college of your dreams. Expect to be challenged, work hard and get better.
  • Expect to be prepared for your private lesson. This means doing your memorization and other assigned homework each week.
  • Finally, understand that making progress is fun. Progression in anything adds to our happiness. So you can expect grow during each private lesson while also being a lot of fun.