What will be covered in this workshop?

Acting and audition skills for on camera

 work Body Awareness



acting is more intimate than theater-acting, with techniques all it’s own. If you want to be a working actor on film and TV, my class will help you reach that goal. Not only that, but you will also learn to focus and gain self-confidence, to create whatever you want in life.

This workshop will provide a great foundation for beginning actors who are unfamiliar with on-camera techniques or with the Sealie West  acting method.

You will be introduced to the basic techniques and principles taught by Sealie. You’ll practice exercises that will help you stay in the moment; working spontaneously with your acting partner and you’ll learn to pick powerful acting choices anchored in truth. Everyone tightens up as soon as the director says, “Action!”. So, you’ll spend a considerable amount time in front of the camera and will learn to interpret the director’s intention while working through your jitters. This class will introduce you to Sealie’s techniques and on-camera exercises in a way that’s fun and incredibly powerful. You’ll meet people who are serious about acting.

                                   What will be covered in this workshop?

  • Working from a scene’s objective
  • Sealie  repeat exercises
  • The language of camera blocking
  • On-camera auditioning techniques
  • Introduction to continuity

WHEN: Wednesday , 6-9:30pm

FOR: ages 16 and older


class a week

(4) classes a month

(6) students in a class

One on one coaching

Hands on methods