When you dream that you are the one that is acting, this means that you have had to do a lot of tough work recently. The work has probably been overwhelming and has taken an immense toll on your body and spirit. But you will not let this break you or destroy your mood. You realize that all of your hard work will come to pay off in the end and what you are doing right now is only a temporary state. Soon you will reap the benefits of your hard work and can be truly proud of all of the progress that you have made in whatever field you are working in.

Dreaming that you are acting can also show that you are trying to be someone else. This might mean that you secretly wish you were the person that you are playing in your dream. This can also be a wish that you were someone other than yourself in general. A dream like this would occur when you feel alone in the world or have touched on emotions of worthlessness and depression. Try not to let these thoughts get to you or they will begin to fester and really hurt your self esteem. Instead you should focus on enjoying the dream while it lasts.

It really is a very fun practice to act for an audience and you should feel no shame in participating in the fun amidst your dreams. You deserve to have just as much fun as

  • Have you ever been interested in the mediums of film and tv?
  • Are you curious about the difference between acting for the screen vs. the stage?
  • Are you wanting to get in front of local casting directors, but would like to get more comfortable in front of the camera first?
  • Do you need to perform well in videos for your workplace?

Here’s your chance to learn more!

My  four  hour workshop is a fun introduction to the craft of acting for the camera. We will cover some of the fundamentals and techniques that actors use for working in this intimate medium.

We'll cover:

  • basic terminology used on sets
  • the differences between shots and how this impacts the actor
  • hitting your mark
  • what creates a compelling onscreen performance

This is a hands-on, on-your-feet workshop. We will film and then watch the footage together throughout the class. After the classes, private one on one coaching, help guide the individual on he or she success.