Do I have be in actors equity?

No, you do not have to be part of Actors Equity to be an extra.

How often will I be called?

This will depend on your availability and the requirements of the production companies. Last year there were over 20,000 extra days required by the Irish film industry.

Is there a screen test or interview?

Generally, there is not one for an extras part. You may be called to audition for parts in adverts or for special extra roles. And if your luck is in there may even be actor roles available which will definitely require auditions.

Will I be required to take off my clothes?

No, all the production companies using this site will be vetted to ensure that there will be no requirement for a person to take their clothes off on screen.

What am I expected to do as being an extra?

You will be directed by the Assistant Director or other staff from the film in relation to where you should go and what you should do during the day.

Do I have to have previous experience?

No experience is necessary as training is provided. The Assistant Director will expect to explain the role to you. You can also get tips from other extras on the day.

Are there any skills that I need?

No experience is necessary as training is provided, though there may be some roles, such as a waiter, where experience may be a bonus.

Is there a minimum age to be an extra?

No, but parental consent and parental accompaniment may be required for under 16's.

If I am under 16 do I have to be accompanied?

Parental accompaniment may be required for under 16's. Also, if parents are concerned, they can attend the production setup at the start of the working day if permission is granted from the Casting Director.

How much notice will I get?

This will depend on the requirements of the production company. To ensure that you have the best chance to be called, be prepared to work at 24 hours notice.

How will I be contacted?

Generally the person in charge of casting will contact you by phone, email or SMS.

Do I get paid?

Normally you will get paid. Current rates range from  for a full day. These rates may vary, you should ask the Casting Director before agreeing to work. There may be some productions (especially college productions) which may ask you to work voluntarily.

Do I get taxed?

Yes. You have to provide your PPS number or your date of birth. Standard tax at 20% is deducted from your wages. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to reclaim some or all of the tax paid

Do I get paid for overtime?

Generally you get paid between  per hour for overtime. Though this will depend on the production. You should check with the Casting Director beforehand.

Do I get expenses?

If the location is close to your home, there will be no expenses. In exceptional circumstances where you are required to travel over 50 miles you might receive travelling expenses and or accommodation expenses if appropriate. Please check with the casting agent beforehand.

Who pays me?

Generally will pay you directly. But if you have been recruited through the directory, than the Production company will pay you directly. Please check with the Casting Agent beforehand.

How many hours do I have to work?

Generally the day is ten hours long, though overtime maybe expected.

Will there be overnight?

Generally no. But there can be exceptional circumstances where an overnight stay is required. The Assistant Director will advise you of this before the day.

What time do I finish at?

This will depend on the time you start at and the production schedule. Though most days would be over by 6PM, BUT there have been many times shoots run over until 11PM or even later. So always make sure that you have no other engagements on the day of the shoot, if the shoot runs late, you will be required to stay until it wraps

Getting there and what to do when you arrive

How do I get to the film shoot?

This will depend on where the film is being shot. Generally, if the productions is not central, the production company will organise transport from central points to the location. BUT in all cases check with the Casting Agent before taking a job.

Will there be car parking facilities?

Generally car-parking facilities are made available, BUT this is not always the case. Check with the Assistant Director beforehand.

Who do I look for when I get to the film shoot?

When you are called to be an extra enquire whom you should ask for. Though, generally there is an assistant director in charge of the extras who will become known to you.

How far will I have to travel?

This will depend on where the film is being shot. Generally, there is a maximum radius of 25 miles from the film shoot to where people live.

Do I need a change of clothes?

You will be informed beforehand if a change of clothes is required, but generally most productions will use in several scenes, so a change of clothes is required.

Should I be clean shaven?

This will depend on the film. Generally you will be requested beforehand if stubble is required.

Do I get fed ?

This will depend whether you are filming on location or in a studio. Generally if you are on location, you will receive breakfast and lunch supplied. If the filming goes on later than 5pm you may receive dinner. If the film is being shot in a studio, you may receive a voucher or a food allowance. Generally this allowance is not taxed. If you are on TV, generally you will not be paid for lunch or breakfast, so if you are unsure make sure to bring some money with you to buy food.

What time is lunch time ?

Generally lunchtime is 12.30, though this may differ, depending on the filming schedule.

Do I get a costume ?

This would depend on the film. If you require a special costume, there is generally a customer fitting appointment prior to the filming day. Generally the rate for fittings is, but this will depend on the production. If there is no particular costume, you will be advised prior to the day what you should wear.

Will I be made-up ?

This will depend on the film. If make-up is required, there will be trained make-up artists on the set to apply make-up to you.

Will it be indoors or outdoors ?

This will depend on the film. Ask before hand to make sure that you have suitable clothes with you.

Can I smoke ?

Generally, when you are on the set, smoking is prohibited as it could cause a fire hazard. Ask the assistant director if there is a designated area for smoking.

Can I talk to the movie stars ?

It is advisable not to talk to the main actors in the film unless they initiate a conversation with you. Seek advice from the Assistant Director if you wish to talk to one of the stars.

Can I take photographs ?

Generally, this is not allowed. Seek advice from the Assistant Director if you wish to take a photograph of yourself or fellow extras in costume etc.

Can I leave the set during the day?

Generally, there are designated areas where you sit when you are not required. It is advisable to remain in these areas. If you have to leave the set, consult with the Assistant Director in charge of extras before leaving.

Can I have a mobile phone on set ?

All mobile phones should be switched off on set.

Can I wear jewelery / earrings / nose rings?

This will depend on the film. Generally the Assistant Director will tell you if jewelery etc is not required.

Will there be somewhere secure to leave my personal belongings?

It is advisable not to bring valuables with you, though generally there will be somewhere secure to leave personal belongings.

Is there someone I can complain to?

Any complaints or issues about your experience as being an extra should be directed to the Assistant Director in charge of extras. If you feel that the service has been abused, please feel free to complain to us. However, remember that we have no channel for directing complaints to the Production Companies.

Can I find out whether I am in the film?

Generally, the decision as to whether you make it into a film takes place in the cutting room, many months after filming is complete. The only way to find out is to see the film when it is released.

Can I bring my children along with me?



How many times a year can I expect to be called for a role as a movie extra?

The number of times that you will be called will depend on a number of factors. The main factor is the demand for extras. Last year there over 20,000 days involving extras used by the Film Industry . Some of the TV productions can use over 150 extras per week.

Other factors that will effect the number of times that you are called include your own availability, your location and your details such as height, sex etc. Naturally those with the most availability have the best chance in getting called. The other two factors - there is nothing that you can do about them!! will limit the number of subscribers in line with expected demand as we would wish that each subscriber will have an opportunity to be in a movie or on television. Naturally we cannot guarantee this, as the factors above are outside our control, but we will do our very best!

How do I improve my chances of being getting work?

Firstly, ensure that you have as much correct data as possible. This helps to ensure that you record is included when the director performs searches on the site.

Secondly, ensure that your head-shot is clear, up-to-date, and matches what you said about yourself in your text about your 'personal look'. You do not need a professional shot, just a recent, clear shot of your head. This head shot is what the director sees in their list, and what they use as a button to get to your details.

Thirdly, be available and able to work on the day in question.

ALLOW YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME TO GET TO THE SET, DO NOT, DO NOT BE LATE!  One thing Production Companies do not like when you get to the Set Late.