This class focuses on the needs of every lawyer or professional who must deliver a polished, expert, compelling and yet natural "performance" under pressure, whether your audience is a jury, a judge, or a client. You will learn techniques for dealing with stage fright, sure-fire strategies for winning over your audience, and the skills you need to make your case clear. 

There are several techniques that attorneys can use to improve their acting skills. One staple in acting training is improvisation drills where there is no script and dialogue, and action is dictated by the scene. Being able to fully commit to the imagined reality of the scene is essential for effective improvisation. Another technique is to practice vocal skills and body language. This can help attorneys improve their advocacy by critical practice1.

Attorneys can also learn from TV stars turned lawyers who offer acting tips for trial lawyers. These tips include being the director, writer/producer, and actor. Attorneys can pick the best witnesses for the case and the scenes to move the story. They can also know their audience and develop their best storylines through focus groups1.